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Before conception, complementary therapies may help to regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle; improve your health and strengthen your constitution; reduce anxiety around conception; and, if you are receiving fertility treatment, support you (and your partner) at this time.

If you are already pregnant, holistic treatments provide a space to enjoy being pregnant.  At the beginning of your pregnancy you may find physical and emotional changes leave you feeling uncomfortable or tired.  Massage, reflexology, yoga and healing may help to provide balance and support for these changes.  Antenatal treatments provide a space for you and the baby to relax and rebalance.

These holistic approaches will allow you to be in the moment, taking the emphasis off labour and what might be.  Learning to relax is excellent preparation for natural or assisted labour and parenthood.  As pregnancy progresses, you may want relief from muscle imbalances which can lead to sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, general aches and pains or restless legs.  Some relief may be gained for symphysis pubis syndrome.

Post-natal treatments help the body to recover from labour, encourage lactation, ease mastitis, aches and pains and help hormones to rebalance.  Having a relaxing treatment gives something back to parents who give their new-born unconditional love, time and protection.  Babies can be treated too, with parents learning simple reflexology techniques to soothe their baby.

These therapies are not offered as an alternative to good medical care.  Yvonne's work is complementary and can work harmoniously alongside most other treatments. More information on Yvonne's practice can be found on her website.

Qualifications & Experience

1999 Reflexology Diploma, Bristol School of Reflexology

2000 Psychology BSc (Hons), Open University

2008 Thai massage Professional Diploma, Bristol School of Thai Massage

2009 Third Degree Reiki, Nixie James-Scott (2003 Reiki I; 2005 Reiki II)

2011 AYS Foundation Course (yoga)

2011 – ongoing AYS Teacher Training Certificate in Yoga

Various CPD courses, including Antenatal and Postnatal care in Reflexology

and a Massage for Pregnancy with Suzanne Yates workshop