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Gail has always had an interest in complementary health therapies and over the years has found them very effective at resolving various health problems.

One of the therapies that she found most helpful was Kinesiology, which, to her surprise resolved not only the severe sciatica and stress that she was experiencing whilst changing her career, but also other seemingly unrelated issues. Gail hadn't understood until then how strong the connection was between her physical well being and her current situation. It was such a powerful realisation that Gail later decided that she wanted to do this kind of work and so started to train to become a kinesiologist with the Wessex School of Kinesiology.  Gail continued her development as a healer by also training in Reiki and nutrition. She also has a degree and PhD in biological sciences.

Gail also runs a monthly Kinesiology Clinic at Yanley Court.

If you are considering booking an appointment and would like to speak to Gail in person, please contact her on 07740 101900 or via Email

For further information on Kinesiology please see Gail's website.

Qualifications & Experience

BSc and PhD Biological Sciences

Gail Lambourne is an Associate member of The Kinesiology Federation and fully insured to practice