Alan has over 30 years experience in the fitness and health sector, his clinic in Bristol has been established for over 16 Years.


Alan's treatment techniques are built from years of study and exploration in diverse scientific and medical fields. He combines this research with ideas from highly-skilled authorities, as well as unique innovations and insights.This makes Alan's treatment a holistic and scientific approach to injury, rehabilitation and the development of movement excellence.


More information can be found on Alan's website:





Alan will be based at Yanley Court full time from Monday December 1st


Please contact Alan on 07721 484213 to book an appointment.


Testimonials "Having seen a number of sports physios over the years, Alans abilities are second to none. His understanding of human anatomy and the nervous system is incredibly comprehensive and I would describe him as 'tireless' in his attempt to get to the heart of the issue and get his clients back up on their feet again. I would go as far to say that Alan is more responsible than anyone for keeping me in one piece despite the rigours of a physically demanding job" Mike Dilger
Naturalist, TV Presenter and Author