Qi Gong for Health and Happiness Stretch and relax, breathe and connect, feel invigorated and nourished Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice. Qi translates as ‘life energy’ and gong as ‘work’ or exercise. Cultivate a variety of easy to learn, yet powerful forms, designed to connect you to your body and being, to help bring a lasting sense of harmony and health. Mindful movement exercises connect us to the natural flow of Qi in and around us and thus to the root of our vitality. Benefits of Qi Gong may include the support of healing processes, physical, mental or emotional, by clearing energetic blockages and removing stagnation from the body: combat stress, depression, aches, pains and tension,whilst strengthening the body and promoting inner stillness.
What to expect.... We will start with warm up exercises and a series of gentle stretches that open and activate the energy Meridian channels in the body for self-healing, followed by a variety of qigong forms to directly experience and work with our subtle energy. We will end with 5 -10 minutes of sitting or lying down. This beautiful practice offers spaciousness within all forms for you to explore what is here for you in this moment. It is an invitation to listen to your being and to allow its innate wisdom to move and open your body. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring your favourite blanket.




Weekly Qi Gong classes in Yanley Court are suitable for beginners and all levels of experience of Qi Gong.


Starting on Friday 7th November 1.30-2.30 pm, drop in or block booking, cost £7, £6


Call Alexandra on 0779 2235 862 or 01275 394553 or email alexandra@alexandrashiatsu.co.uk, craniosacraltherapybristol.co.uk