Pilates Matwork Classes Sedentary lifestyles, stress, illness and injury can all cause imbalance in the way that we move and function. Over time, our muscles adapt to these faulty movement patterns often resulting in joints being permanently held out of alignment, correct body structure being lost and stiffness and pain becoming part of our everyday lives. Pilates is designed to bring the body back into alignment by establishing correct muscle recruitment and addresses imbalance by stretching and strengthening muscles in an 'all over body' approach. Re-educating the body in this way prevents injury which is why Pilates is considered an extremely effective method of achieving and maintaining physical fitness. Pilates is also suitable for patients recuperating from a variety of injuries and ailments such as Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Slipped (prolapsed) or Bulging Discs.




Booking essential - Please contact Resident Pilates teacher Rachel Woster on 07958 140667 or rachel@pilatesinpractise.co.uk


Monday 6.15pm - 7.15pm - Pregnancy Pilates


Tuesday 6.15pm - 7.15pm - Improvers Pilates

Tuesday 7.30pm - 8.30pm - Intermediate Pilates





NEW class starting 10th March 2015:

Tuesday 1.45pm - 2.45pm Beginners/Remedial

This class is suitable for those who are new to Pilates and/or looking for a remedial approach due to back pain or injury.


Tuesday 12.30pm - 1.30pm - Improvers


Friday 10am - 11am - Post Natal Pilates (Babies welcome)


Block of 6 consecutive classes £50