Kinesiology Clinic - Monthly at Yanley Court An introduction to Kinesiology: A whole system approach to health and wellbeing If you haven't experienced kinesiology before or want to find out about it, Gail runs a monthly clinic where for £20, you can have a 45 minute consultation. Full sessions are available weekly. Please contact Yanley Court or Gail directly for more information and availability. What is Kinesiology? Kinesiology is a very gentle and relaxing therapy that works on the basis that the body has its own ‘knowledge’ and this information can be accessed by communicating directly with the body using muscle testing. By accessing this information in the body, tests can be done for imbalances that affect our well-being such as sensitivities to certain foods, as well as ease the symptoms of a wide range of chronic health issues. How could muscle testing help and support you? Kinesiology can be used to treat a wide range of problems and anyone, of any age, can benefit – even babies can be tested. For example: Digestive issues i.e. IBS
Food & substance intolerances
Allergic symptoms i.e. cat hair
Issues and symptoms related to hormones and reproductive health You may have a multitude of minor but unexplained symptoms affecting your wellbeing or you may feel constantly tired, sluggish and in need of energy. Kinesiology may be beneficial to you in both of these common scenarios. What will a clinic appointment involve? The aim is to introduce you to kinesiology. During the appointment, Gail will take a short case history and then carry out some muscle testing to assess your system and to start to bring it back into balance, taking into account your particular symptoms. What outcome should I expect? Gail will be able to suggest what foods may be currently aggravating your system and affecting your wellbeing. She will be able to signpost any issues and give you pointers on diet and beneficial supplements. If you are currently taking supplements and would like to bring them with you, Gail will test to see whether they are providing any benefit to you at this time. Next steps.... It is completely up to you. These appointments are designed as ‘stand-alone’ sessions with no obligation to book a further course of kinesiology appointments. If you would like to purchase any supplements on the day, there will be some available at Yanley Court.




45 minutes: £20 (supplements extra)


To book an appointment at our next monthly clinic please contact Yanley Court reception

on 01275 394554 or via Email


If you have a serious medical condition or are having other treatment, it is advisable to consult your doctor or practitioner before booking an appointment.


Please give 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation charge.





Resident Therapist: Gail Lambourne

To speak to Gail in person please contact her on 07740 101900 or via Email