Individual Yoga Our lifestyle, body and situation is in constant flux, our yoga practice should allow for and support these changes. Working individually, we are able to create a practice that is tailored to support your needs and to ensure you progress sensibly, safely and logically. Typically, lessons take place every four to six weeks. At our first lesson, we begin with a consultation to focus on aspects of yoga that interest you, understand what you would like to achieve & where yoga practice can complement and add value to your lifestyle. Each lesson involves practice, adjustments & modifications as necessary. There is space for feedback, discussion & reflection. I prepare a written practice for you to work with between lessons. The length of practice depends on what you feel will work for you. A shorter practice done regularly is more effective than a longer practice done once a week. Yoga can be defined many ways but a central theme is ‘to unite’. Regular yoga practice improves our relationship with ourselves & our external world. Working with the body, breath & mind in a unified way can help to: enhance flexibility & strength; energize; improve posture & physical stability; improve digestion & circulation; encourage good sleeping patterns; address imbalances in the body; create a feeling of inner calm; manage stress & anxiety; manage long term health complaints; support recovery from injury or illness; support a healthier lifestyle balance; maintain a healthy outlook. Or you may simply want to gently stretch in the morning or wind down after work.


The first lesson lasts up to 90 minutes, subsequent lessons take an hour. I would encourage you to consider a course of lessons but the choice is yours.


3 lessons (for students attending classes) £100

3 lessons                                                    £110

Single lesson                                                £40


Pease contact Yvonne to reserve your space.



Resident Therapist: Yvonne Cattermole BSc (Hons), MIFR, MTI recognized