Counselling - Individuals and Couples Any ‘talking therapy’, is where you get the opportunity to talk about yourself, be heard and be the focus of attention for both yourself and your therapist. This is not about giving you advice, or for the therapist to ‘cure’ you, although the work is usually healing. Being listened to attentively and with respect can have a profound impact on us; at the very least it is useful to talk to someone who is not part of your own family or friendships. Drawing on your own self knowledge, helping you become aware of your way of relating to others, and identifying the beliefs and attitudes you hold towards yourself and others, allows you to see things from a different perspective, generate a wider range of options for your daily being and experience yourself differently. This can be extraordinarily liberating, contribute to overall good health, and enable you to live life more fully. The kinds of difficulties people want to address in counselling include emotional states such as anxiety, depression, anger, stress, eating problems; life situations such as parenting, relationships, work issues, bereavement; struggles with your personal identity; a haunting personal history or life experiences; or it may be that things do not feel right in your life and you don’t know why. Counselling can help you with all of these and many other forms of distress.




Counselling sessions available:


Individual – suitable for individuals of any age (18+) all aspects of diversity and difference welcome (there is wheelchair access to Yanley Court).


All sessions are 50 minutes long.

Annie recommends an initial session which is also 50 minutes long and for which she charges £35.


For on-going sessions:

Annie operates a sliding scale for those on lower incomes (negotiated) usually from £35 per session

For 1:1 client work her standard fee is £45


Couples - Annie will see any couple who want to address their relationship. Whether that be improving communication, facing crisis or dealing with separation.

A couples session is 75 minutes in duration, the fee is £60 (this is also the fee for an initial session.)


Organisational counselling: negotiated rate.


Information on different types of Counselling are available on request.


Please note: non-attendance of a booked appointment is charged at the sessional rate.


Resident therapist: Annie Robinson


To book please contact Annie on or M  07796658195 T 01275 472744