Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology aims to reduce psychological distress and promote and enhance emotional wellbeing. Dr Claire Semple provides services from Yanley Court. Claire believes that every client, be they an individual or organisation, should expect bespoke, tailor made packages of psychological care. There are different types of psychologists, counsellors, and specialist therapists to choose from, however, Clinical Psychologists remain one of the most extensively trained professions in the field of mental health. Through our extensive Doctoral training, which encompasses both clinical and academic attainment, we gain a breadth and depth of skills that enable us to offer the highest quality and most varied selection of assessment and intervention techniques.


Claire is able to work sensitively with people of all ages and different backgrounds and we work with individuals, couples, and families. Therapies include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapies. Therapy is individually tailored to:


Help individuals understand more about the difficulties they are experiencing

Strengthen an individuals’ ability to manage existing psychological problems

Increase coping mechanisms to manage challenging situations in the future




Please contact visiting therapist: Dr Claire Semple